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I guess the great George Strait was right… the best place to write is from a broken heart.

I wrote 401 in about 30 minutes…. several years ago. I don’t know where the words came from but through the tears that cold night as I wrote these lyrics down in my notebook... I could finally see clearly…


I decided to put this song on the new album, Ocean State and during the recording process just last year I had to take myself back… way back… to that dark time of hurt and hollowed out vacancy 


I wanted to re-LIVE the pain so that the recording was raw and genuine… so I took a few days, drove down memory lane, remembered how I felt when I wrote this song and then recorded vocals for the track… in the front seat of my car… a similar place I wrote this song many years ago. I turned my Cadillac sedan into a temporary recording studio because it was in the front seat of a truck I had years ago where I wrote 401. 

This song exposes the tragic loss we feel when our hearts break… it feels like a death in the family… but I also wanted this song to feel like a fresh start... a new beginning where you can find your own two feet and take each day one breath at a time.


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