• Ben O'Connor

Brand NEW single, "Beach and Back" scheduled for exclusive release 09/12

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Ben O'Connor releases his seventh studio single labeled "Beach and Back". Available exclusively here at www.benjaminoconnor.com on September 12th... MIDNIGHT!

"This track is a narration of my childhood... Once school was out in June, just about everything there was to do involved the ocean. My brother, Zach came to me with an idea for a song... he said I should write a tune about the ever-changing relationship we all have with the beach..... More specifically he said, start it off with childhood... when we would go with parents, then when we grew up and went with friends and ultimately leading to keeping the tradition alive today with the one you love... I thought this idea was pure gold and within a matter of a couple hours the song was written... this happened in July of this year (2019) and I've been working tirelessly with my good friend and talented musician/producer Cristian C. Castro to complete the song. We recently wrapped up the track, sent it out for distribution and I couldn't be more proud of how this one has come together! See you here on the site for the exclusive release on Thursday, September 12th!

"Beach and Back" - Written and Produced by Ben O'Connor

Instrumentalists: Ben O'Connor and Cristian C. Castro

Distribution by Dixie North Productions