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Favorite day of the year...

The lights spanning across the bridge in my hometown are switched to red, white and blue on this day. There’s an energy that emanates from those bulbs like static electricity on the skin… a kind of electrifying feeling. There’s also a sense of pause… as if those colors demand a moment… a cease fire of sorts. You see… democrats and republicans agree on one thing today… we are one…

Tomorrow these colors get switched back to the standard street light color… and life goes back to normal. We return to our camps and carry on… but I say we keep them… don’t change them… leave those red, white and blue bulbs shining a little longer, maybe all year long… #unum

Photo credit: The Providence Journal

We spent our Fourth of July weekend performing for beautiful people overlooking the ocean in Massachusetts. Our audience was perfect and watching fireworks launch up and down the beaches was quite the sight. Today, especially I'm grateful to pursue this love of music in the greatest nation. Happy fourth my friends.

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